This is the Twin Cities Area Chapter of the United
States Air Force Academy Association of Graduates, and we are proud to serve the Air Force Academy graduates in the greater Twin Cities Area. We have been designated as a "Distinguished Chapter" by the U.S. Air Force Academy Association of Graduates in each of our first 4 years of existence!

Due to the closing of the Officer's Club, we have changed the location of our Open Board meetings to the Airport Embassy Suites near the Mall of America. They have offered a private meeting room to us for our monthly meetings. The room comes at no cost to us with the hotel being comfortable with our purchases of drinks, appetizers and food from their restaurant.

The address for the hotel is 7901 34th Ave S, Bloomington, MN 55425, just north of American Blvd.

The room is reserved from 5:30 to 8:30pm. (NOTE: HAPPY HOUR ENDS AT 6pm, so come early and enjoy 50% off drinks and appetizers...)

We begin our meetings at 6:30pm.


"To serve and support the United States of America, the United States Air Force, the United States Air Force Academy, the United States Military, and the graduate community by creating a business network, a support network and a social network that fosters the ideals of an enduring commitment to integrity, excellence and service to our country.

We will provide leadership, communication and support to all of the Air Force Academy graduates throughout our community as well as to military veterans."

You are a member because you are an Air Force Academy Graduate!
  We are a donations only, no dues organization. We are a 501(c)(19) veteran-only, tax-exempt organization. 
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